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All You Need to Know About Caravelle Aqua Park Opening Hours

Caravelle Aquapark Opening Hours

Caravelle Aquapark Opening Hours

Monday to Sunday : 10 AM to 6:30 PM.
Last Entry: 5 PM

Note: Caravelle Aquapark is shut for 2023. Stay tuned for the dates for summer 2024.

What's the Best Time to Visit Caravelle Aquapark ?

Morning vs Afternoon

Morning vs Afternoon

As Caravelle Aquapark is open in the summer season, crowds will be quite dense during the late afternoon time. Morning visits to Caravelle Aquapark offer a quieter and less crowded experience, with shorter wait times. you can visit the aquapark during the early hours of the day to beat the crowd.

Weekday vs Weekend

Weekday vs Weekend

Weekdays are generally less crowded at Caravelle Aquapark compared to weekends, which allows you to enjoy a more peaceful experience with shorter wait times.
The park tends to be busiest on weekends, especially during peak tourist seasons. If you're planning to visit on a weekend, it's advisable to arrive early in the morning to beat the crowds.

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How Long Should I Spend at Caravelle Aquapark?

The ideal duration to spend at Caravelle Aquapark depends on your interests and the park's attractions. Generally, a full day, spanning 6-8 hours, allows you to explore all the park has to offer. This timeframe accommodates various activities like water slides, pools, and relaxation by the water. Consider the park's crowd levels as they might affect waiting times for rides. Special events or shows may also influence your visit's duration. Don't forget to plan for meal and snack breaks at on-site restaurants. Keep in mind travel time to and from the park as well. Adjust your stay based on your preferences and the park's offerings.

Frequently Asked Questions About Caravelle Aquapark Timings

What are the opening hours of Caravelle Aquapark?

The timings of the Caravelle Aquapark are 10 AM- 6:30 PM

Is Caravelle Aquapark open everyday?

Caravelle Aquapark is open everyday from 2 June to 4 June and 10 June to 10 September.

Are there any specific timings for last admission?

Last admission to Caravelle Aqua Park is no later than 5 PM.

When is the Caravelle Aquapark closed?

Caravelle Aquapark is closed from 5 June to 9 June and 11 September till 1 June.

How long should I take at Caravelle Aqua Park?

The recommended duration for a visit to Caravelle varies based on your interests. Plan to spend at least 6 to 8 hours at the park to get the most out of your experience.

When is the best time to visit Caravelle Aquapark to avoid crowds?

Caravelle is often less crowded during the weekdays, especially in the early morning. To enjoy a more peaceful and immersive visit, consider planning your trip during these times.