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CerialeCaravelle Aquapark

Le Caravelle Parco Acquatico | Summer Splash in Ceriale 

Le Caravelle Parco Acquatico, also known as Caravelle Aquapark, nestled in Ceriale, Italy, offers a thrilling aquatic adventure. With a variety of water rides and slides suitable for all ages, such as the Wave Pool and the Multi Track,it's a fantastic family-friendly destination for a day of fun in the sun with spa facilities even offered for those above 16. 

Why visit Caravelle Aquapark?

  • Unique Wellness Area: Caravelle Water Park's spa section offers serene relaxation with rejuvenating treatments, including massages and hydrotherapy for those over 16. Enjoy these ingeniously designed relaxation centers like jet streams to relieve your pressure points, a sauna and more. 
  • Adrenaline-Pumping Water Rides: Have the need, the need for speed with these adrenaline gushing rides such as the Kamikaze and Rio Bravo Rapids.
  • Themed Restaurants: Le Le Caravelle Parco Acquatico offers a number of, themed dining options with each based on a particular cuisine. Enjoy Pizza at Ancient Alley or dig in international dishes at Rodeo Bull

Water attractions at Caravelle Aquapark


Experience the rush of dropping down a 5-tracked slide in to a pool of water

Kids Rides

Caravelle Aquapark has a designated kids area to keep the little ones entertained as well. Enjoy the Baby Pool, the Baby Toboga and an exclusive pool with 5 slides just for the little ones.


Race side by side on two lanes for a speedy and exciting plunge into the pool.

Wave Pool

Every waterpark is incomplete without it. Enjoy the feeling ocean waves lapping against you right in the water park .

Rio Bravo & Colorado Rapids

Enjoy traversing 400 meters on a double dinghy in an immersive, lush green environment.

Toboggan Slides

Slide down theses exciting slides for a thrilling, high velocity entry to a pool.

Magic Octopus

Dash through a slide shaped like a tentacle of a gigantic octopus. The ride is also adorned by friendly whale and shark companions for kid-friendly fun.


This one is for the adrenaline junkies. Drop through towering slides with a spectacular drop into a vast swimming pool

Slow River

Laze and relax as you float and drift on a float through a calm river.

Spa attractions at Caravelle Aquapark


An immersive water pathway at Caravelle Water Park, where an ankle-deep water walkthrough alternates between warm massages and refreshing cold sensations.


Experience a soothing waterfall designed to massage your upper back and neck, providing relaxation and rejuvenation. on all those stiff pressure points.

The Roars

Jets in this feature deliver a targeted cervical( areas around your neck) massage, ensuring a soothing and rejuvenating experience.

A'Grigua - A'Stria - U Recantu

Discover caves at Caravelle Water Park with hydromassage pools, offering a blissful experience for ankles and neck.

U Prebuggiun

Experience lumbar relaxation on heated slabs followed by a pore-opening steam bath, creating a rejuvenating spa escape at this wet sauna.

Plan Your Visit to Le Caravelle Parco Acquatico


Note: Aquatico Park Caravelle is closed for the year 2023. Stay tuned to know about the park’s timings in summer 2024.

Address: Via S. Eugenio, 51 17023 Ceriale SV | Find on Maps 

By Bus: Le Caravelle Parco Acquatico Operates a direct bus from Albenga Train Station to the park and vice versea. Tickets can be purchased at the station itself. .

By Train: Take the 637 Ventimiglia from Savona Station. Get out at Albenga train station from where you can take a bus to the park. 

  • Dog Hotel: Ensure your furry friends enjoy a comfortable stay while you explore the park's attractions.
  • Shop: You can buy an assortment of items such as sunscreen, slippers and other items at the shop, near the entrance to the Heart Source attraction. 
  • Deckchair and Sunbed Rental: Relax in style with rental options for deckchairs and sunbeds, providing a comfortable spot to soak up the sun or take a break. Rentals are from €5 per day.
  • Cloak Room: Store your belongings securely in convenient cloakrooms, allowing you to enjoy the park's offerings without worry.
  • Bars and Kiosks: Stay refreshed with on-site bars and kiosks offering a variety of snacks, drinks, and treats to keep you energized throughout your visit.

Le Caravelle Parco Acquatico has an assortment of uniquely themed food options that cater to several cuisines.

  • Ligurian Lands: Indulge in fresh, locally sourced dishes with a focus on quality and health, including customizable salads and traditional pizza.
  • Ancient Alley: Experience a diverse menu with a modern twist, from Genoese focaccia to sautéed pasta, ensuring a taste of tradition.
  • Food Corner: Explore a delightful array of quick bites, from savory pizzella to sweet crepes and waffles.
  • Rodeo Bull: A gastronomic adventure awaits, featuring breakfast muffins, gourmet burgers (including vegan and vegetarian options), and delectable fried delights.
  • Coco Loco: Embark on a culinary journey to the "New World." Explore a diverse menu, featuring gourmet sandwiches, toast, wraps, stuffed focaccias, and American hot dogs. Tailored for all, enjoy vegetarian, vegan, gluten and lactose-free options.

The park offers reserved car parking for those guests with special needs.

Le Caravelle Parco Acquatico Visitor Tips

  • Time Your Visit : Le Caravelle Parco Acquatico has numerous rides with a lot of ground to cover. Time your visit to avoid crowds so that you can experience all the rides without long queues. Visit early in the morning to avoid the weekend crowd. 
  • Dine During Off-Peak Hours: Avoid long mealtime queues by eating early or late. This way, you'll maximize your time enjoying attractions during peak hours while others are at the restaurants. Time your lunch at early lunch before the rest of the crowd gains an appetite. This leaves the rides for your enjoyment while the rest of the crowd has flocked the restaurants.
  • Get sunscreen: Le Caravelle Parco Acquatico Is operational during the Italian summer. The park is predominantly open air and it is recommended that you carry sunscreen with you. 
  • Free Birthday tickets: If you are visiting the park with company on your birthday, congratulations, your entry will be complimentary, all you need to show is a valid ID to the staff to enjoy your free visit to the park. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Le Caravelle Parco Acquatico

Does Le Caravelle Parco Acquatico Provide deckchairs and sunbeds?

Yes, you can rent deckchairs and sunbeds to laze in the sun at a rate of €5 per day.

Why should I book tickets for Caravelle online?

You can buy Le Caravelle Parco Acquatico Tickets online or at the venue. However, it is recommended to purchase tickets online and in advance. This will allow you to avoid possibly long ticket lines at the venue.

Does Le Caravelle Parco Acquatico Have parking?

Yes the aquapark has a car park that's open from 9 AM to 6:30 PM for a fee of €5 per day

What does my Le Caravelle Parco Acquatico Tickets cover?

Your Le Caravelle Parco Acquatico Tickets provide you full access to all of the park’s attractions. Guests above 16 are also given access to the spa enclosure part of the park as well. 

When will Caravelle Park open?

Caravelle Aquapark opens during the summers every year. It has ceased its operations for the year 2023. Caravelle Park will now be operational in summer 2024. Stay tuned to find out its operational hours.